1.By The Hour:$100 for the 1st hour & $50 for every additional & per worker for small projects!

2.Per square Footage or Room typically for Flooring or Painting!

3. Per Project or Job, typically for large renovations or updates!


What We Offer?

1. We help you with ANY home project

small, large, simple, or difficult, whichever you can think of!

2. Do you need Tips, Pointers, or Guidance in order to do it yourself?

3. Cleaning of tile, carpet, offices, buildings, homes, apartments, move outs, junk removal, & on & on.....

4. Flooring: Hardwood, Laminate, Tile, Stone, Terrazzo, etc.....

5. Painting, Wall Repairs, & Drywall

6. Kitchens & Bathrooms updates & renovations.

7. Just Ask!!! If we can't do it, we will find  

someone from our awesome network that can do it!